Small Screen Design is a mobile design, mobile development, and usability company that has been providing technical expertise since 2008. We are “made in Italy”, and our experience allows us to reach a wide variety of audiences. Through case studies, UX/UI design research, skilled cross-platform development, and user testing, we help deliver strong messages, and engage your customers.

Our professional staff bring a range of skills and expertise to every project, client and application.

We constantly seek to challenge not only ourselves, but our clients as well. We push the boundaries in order to not only deliver award winning applications renowned for user experience, but to also find new opportunities for generating business and serving your customers.

At Small Screen Design, we work hard to understand your needs and refine your message. We work diligently to gather requirements from a variety of sources in order to determine your business needs and goals.

Once we have determined a successful schedule for developing your business products, we work tirelessly to reach your goals. We adhere to all of the latest industry standards of user centered design, web usability and coding standards to ensure your application is not only beautiful and intuitive, but also stable, flexible and maintainable.

We can help you from the design phase to the simple prototype to the final application.
In a few words: we get things done. Are we a good fit for you? Contact us!

Small Screend Design is a company of Leonardo Risuleo.


Clients & partners

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Awards, honors and recognitions

Winner Max Public FavoriteCassandra Stand is the winner of the MAX Public Favorite Prize of the Adobe AIR App Challenge 2011, sponsored by Sony.

Nokia Developer LaunchpadForum Nokia Developer Launchpad gives developers access to Nokia’s developer platform technologies to accelerate mobile application development.

Digital Champion ItalyDigital Champions are ambassadors for the Digital Agenda, appointed by their Members States to help every European become digital. I was the local Champion for my town in 2015.