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Specsavers has developed a sight checking and eye health advice app to help you understand the importance of your vision and eye health.

It is not designed to replace a routine check-up by an optometrist, but it will explain and demonstrate some of the procedures involved in a professional eye test.

Most people should have an eye test at least every two years, and yet many do not.

The Specsavers Sight Check app includes three easy-to-use eye checks – a reading test, a visual acuity test and a test for astigmatism – that can be completed in minutes. The results are presented as a percentage score along with a description of the findings, risk factors and what action you should take.

If the tests suggest that you might have a problem with your eyesight, you can then book a full professional exam at your local store.

The app also allows you to search our database of questions about eye health and common sight-related problems, which have been answered by qualified optometrists.

We developed the Android version of the Sight Check application working together with one of our partners on dual-agency basis.